Servicecore Project Management Module

Project management is a practice that is widely used in service management, especially in areas such as the implementation of comprehensive changes, management of improvement works, and coordination of multi-stakeholder transformations.

With ITIL4, the project management process has become a natural part and mandatory practice of ITSM. The birth of projects is always triggered by processes such as improvement, change and request, and project outputs often require feedback to these processes.

Operating project management as an integrated module in the service management platform is critical to tracking tasks on a single platform. An employee should be able to see his/her tasks from project management as well as his/her work in service management processes on the same screen, and task conflicts should be prevented.

Carrying out service management on a separate platform and project management on a separate platform will result in serious costs, unnecessary integration efforts, infrastructure, license, maintenance, support, etc. for two separate products. causes unnecessary additional costs.

Establishing project management as a separate product outside the service management platform causes all customer requirements, which are prioritized and regulated through continuous improvement, request and change management processes, to be out of the control of the service provider and IT.

By using a project management product that is disconnected from service management processes, project management activities that are unrelated, irrelevant and unaware of resource use also lead to the emergence of a second, uncontrolled service platform.

Project Gantt Management
Project Gantt Management

Servicecore offers a holistic digital management system with its integrated Project Management module. The following operations can be performed with this module, which includes all modern project management tools:

Project Task Management
Project Roadmap
Project Gantt Charts
Project WBS Views
Project Team Management
Project Time Management
Project Timesheet Entries
Project Kanban Panels
Project Resource Management
Integrated Task Tracking with Central Task Management
Task Assignments that Do Not Conflict with Central Planning
Workforce Reports Integrated with Central Tasks
Integration with Incident, Problem, Request, Change and Continuous Improvement
End Users and External Ability to Involve Users in the Project
Ability to Involve the End User in Project Management via the Open Portal
Ability to Include All IT and Non-IT Resources in Projects and Unlimited End Users
Ability for End Users and External Users to Undertake Tasks in Projects
Ability for External Project Teams to Manage Projects Even as Users

Resource Management
Resource Management

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